Aluminum Oxide


Aluminum Oxide
Aluminum Oxide is generally produced by high quality bauxites together with hard coal through the fusion in electric arc furnaces subject to temperature in excess of 2000°C.  Aluminum oxide, a chemically stable compound is resistant to most acid as well as against chemical effects caused by gases, metallic also at high temperatures. Fused aluminum oxide is a tough, hard material with high strength, excellent wear and corrosion resistance and good thermal conductivity.

General Characteristic Friable Regular
Color White Reddish-Brown
Crystal Structure α- Al2O3 Trigonal in the Hexagonal system. Polycrystalline α- Al2O3 Trigonal in the Hexagonal system. Polycrystalline
Grain Shape Angular. Sharp-edged Angular. Sharp-edged
Specific Gravity 3.92 g/cm3 3.92 g/cm3
Melting Point Over 2000℃ Over 1950℃
Chemical compositions:
Al2O3 :  90.0 – 99.6 %  
SiO2 : <2.0 %          Fe2O: <3.0 %  
Physical properties:
Color : brown, white, pink
Crystal shape : sharply, blocky
Smell : none
Hardness : Moh’s scale 9
specific gravity :3.9
    Production specification:
    Marco grits: #16 - # 220      Micro grits: #240 - #8000
    Packing: 20 kgs / bag or 25 kgs / bag